Westex Contracting currently have indigenous employees and we are currently putting together a training package. This will incorporate new opportunities for employees to sustain a future in the civil construction industry. Westex can supply a custom team of personnel and machines to suite client requirements.

Westex Experience

  • Culvert (rolled steel and concrete) installation. Which includes all earth works stabilised sand, concreting and rock armouring
  • Batter repairs and upgrades
  • Access road construction and maintenance
  • Rail crossing installations and road realignment
  • Drainage around formation and access roads
  • Armour rock breaking and delivery
  • Trenching (for power and coms installs)
  • Cartage of materials
  • Dust suppression
  • Clearing of vegetation and top soil
  • Concreting (head walls, pads, foot paths etc.)
  • Pads for offices, crib huts and communication towers
  • Tailings dams and settlement ponds
  • Signage installs
  • Sight support personnel